Hello there! I'm Cody, the passionate craftsman behind I Know A Guy Chelan. I've always had a knack for building and creating, starting back in my early 20s when I built a custom treehouse complete with full power and electricity. That's where my journey into craftsmanship truly began.

Over the years, I've taken on various projects, from decks and window installations to managing entire remodels, including demo, cabinet installations, tile work, and even re-siding homes. One of my favorite endeavors was crafting unique Pinterest-inspired projects for my family, like a custom Italian inspired pizza oven, farmhouse-style range hoods and a thrilling rock wall for my son's bedroom.

Before diving into the world of home improvement full-time, I spent 15 years at Costco, working my way up from a meat cutter to an Assistant Buyer in the corporate buying offices. While it was rewarding, my true passion for building started when I took time off to help manage the construction of our family's dream home in Manson.

In September 2022, my family and I made the move to Manson for a better quality of life. Building our home ignited a new career path for me, where my passions now intersect with my profession. This journey led to the creation of I Know A Guy Chelan, where I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and making home dreams a reality.

When I'm not crafting, you'll find me enjoying precious moments with my family and friends in Manson, cherishing the beauty of this place we now call home.

Just a guy looking to build a career that i'm passionate about. 

My Story. 

I'm Cody! Come learn about me.

building a custom outdoor Italian pizza oven to make wood-fired pizza. 

favorite project:

Installing hardwood floors in my families new home build in 2023/2024. 

most proud project:

in home remodeling, building and construction. 

15 Years

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First, I'll visit your property to understand your project goals and special vision you have in mind. Together, we'll walk through your desires, and I'll take measurements, notes, and listen attentively to your unique requirements. With a clear understanding of the goal, I'll create a detailed proposal outlining materials, timeline, and project completion estimates. You'll have full transparency into the proposal, ensuring you receive exactly what you're looking for at a fair price. Quality and service are key to everything I do. 

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