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In one day, I was able to tackle Megan and Stephen's initial to do list that included: cutting and re-hanging bedroom closet doors, replacing damaged pieces of hardwood floors, fixing cabinet pulls, fixing base board trim and venting design, and completing unfinished baseboards against their stairwell. 

I then outlined a detailed list of parts and supplies that would need to be purchased to complete the project. 

I met with the Johnson's to do a walk-through of their house and understand their needs and fixes. 

Handyman Services: Home Repairs 

Project Overview: The Johnson's had a lingering to-do list from a previous remodel that they were eager to get complete once and for all. 

The client was happy with the end result, and the kids now enjoy a custom rockwall in our son's bedroom. 

Understanding her specific needs and design direction, I started building the wall to match the pinterest-inspired design. 

The client sent me a picture of the rockwall design inspiration. 

Rock Wall for a Kids Bedroom

Project Overview: The client (my wife) wanted to build a rockwall in our son's new bedroom.

Within less than two weeks, the Mitchell's had a new at-home gym complete with a wall separating the garage and a door that matched their house design, along with gym-grade mats and all new paint. I was able to execute the project right on budget and now the Mitchell's have a new at-home gym that they love. 

I then outlined out the materials and proposal for completing the addition of a new wall and finishing materials for a complete at-home gym. 

I met with the Mitchell's to understand their needs and the current space - what worked and what didn't. 

Designated At-Home Gym Space

Project Overview: The Mitchell's were seeking a designated at-home gym space that was sealed off from the rest of the garage. 



Within two weeks I was able to install the hardwood floors for our entire downstairs main area (kitchen, living room, office, and pantry), along with the staircase and upstairs hallway spaces. 

We ordered engineered hardwood floors by Kentwood Floors "Paris" color to fit perfectly with the style of our new home. 

Hardwood Floor Installation

Project Overview: As we were building our new home in Manson, WA I wanted to tackle some of the installation projects myself, one example of this was the hardwood floors. 

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